Allstar Cannabinoids of cannabis & potential properties 


The science is still under investigation of what cannabinoids are affecting us and how they are doing it. If you have made it onto this page most likely it means you have seen or felt the effects of this plant. Despite all positive actions the grey area still exists which is why we can not say that anything is for sure in regards to the plant.

If you would like to read more about this skepticism and where the core beliefs or we should say the non-beliefs of this intricate system are at click here.


You are ready to learn more about the cannabinoids that are extracted from the hemp/cannabis plant.


These are some of the shining stars that are going through massive growth in the science world and our industry. We are very excited to see where these leads take us into the future of holistic medicines and away from man-made drugs.



CBD ( Cannabidiol ) – anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, relieves anxiety, antibacterial, relieves pain, reduces blood sugar, reduces artery blockage, treats psoriasis non-psychoactive

CBG ( Cannabigerol ) – antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, muscle relaxant, promotes bone growth, suppresses appetite, inhibit tumor/cancer,  non-psychoactive 

CBN ( Cannabinol ) – sleep aid, muscle spasms,  appetite stimulant, promotes bone growth, pain relief, mild-psychoactive

CBC ( Cannabichromene ) – antimicrobial, antiseizure, anti-inflammatory, brain functionality, inhibit tumor/cancer, mild-psychoactive 

CBL ( Cannabicyclol ) – anticonvulsant, antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, non-psychoactive 

THC ( Tetrarocannabbinol ) – anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, neuroprotective, psychoactive 

THCV ( Tetrahydrocannabivarin ) –  anti-anxiety, appetite suppressant, bone growth, reduce seizures, non-psychoactive

△8-THC ( Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol ) – anticancer, antiemetic, appetite stimulant

△9-THC ( Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol ) – sleep aid, appetite stimulant, treat asthma


This Information is in ongoing lab testings and clinical trials and as soon as they know we will know. More than likely the world will know once hard evidence comes out.