Angel – 1:1:1 Rainbow Children CBD, CBG, & CBN Drops

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During the 2020 growing season we planted a plot of hemp from a variety of hemp strains. This large variety of CBD, CBG and CBN dominant strains not only produced a beautiful array of green and purple plants, with bright pink, yellow, and orange pistils on the flowers, but when harvested and tested together, this special batch of flower came back with a 1:1:1 ratio of CBD:CBG:CBN. This bold combination of cannabinoids paired with the steam distilled hemp terpenes from this year’s Rainbow Children crop features a wide array of cannabinoids offered in a high dose along with a robust terpene profile to offer a broad-spectrum cannabinoid experience.

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Classification: Broad Spectrum
Total Cannabinoids: 1000mg CBD, 1000mg CBN, 1000mg CBG
Servings per Package: 30
Suggested Use: Take half to one serving (.5 ml to 1 ml) under the tongue 1-2 times per day. Individual results may vary.
Other: THC Free

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Weight 5 oz

Flavorless, Lemon Ginger, Peppermint

5 reviews for Angel – 1:1:1 Rainbow Children CBD, CBG, & CBN Drops

  1. juliannadelatorre

    Really good for pain if you’re not looking to get high!

  2. Angie sullivan

    I enjoy this product, it has CBD, CBG, & CBN
    It has many benefits and combined with all the THC that I use, it is a nice combination.

  3. TJConlan3

    Angels Rainbow Children is so far my favourite Hemp derived formula. The combination of cannabinoids really helps promote the benefits, through the ‘Entourage Effect’, leading to anti-inflammatory properties, clearer cognitive ability, lowered stress/anxiety and much improved sleep (particularly with larger doses). I myself use it supplementary and with consistency it has been an Angel.

  4. kathyboman

    This product has replaced a prescription that I take for anxiety

  5. PurpleHippo

    As a chronic pain sufferer with multiple medical issues, I have found these BS drops to be one of the best in terms of pain management, sleep and anxiety control. They seem to last me longer than a month since I only use them in the evening and it’s a wonderful surprise considering most drops don’t last me that long.

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