• This is enough time to fall asleep or get through a workday, a godsend in a bottle.

    This Topical CBD/THC lotion works better than anything I have ever tried. For a little context, I have chronic pain issues. I have scoliosis, a herniated disc in my back, suffer from whiplash, I have torn both of my shoulder sockets, and recently had hip surgery due to a torn labrum. Pain has been part of my everyday life for years, a while I have become accustomed to being in pain, it is far from ideal.
    Over the years I have tried multiple chiropractors, regular massages, A tens unit for electroshock therapy, conventional physical therapy, fish oil pills, inversion tables, acupuncture, Glucosamine joint supplements, very expensive beds and mattresses, orthopedic shoes, Deep blue, and of course icy hot. I have tried and purchased anything I thought would offer relief. And while some of these remedies seemed to help for an hour or so, none of them made a real difference on my Hip and back pain. My next step was to try Marijuana based products. I tried various products from my local dispensary, but there were only two options for topicals, and they didn’t seem to do anything for me.
    A friend showed me the nugget CBD website and they had a huge selection compared to anything I had seen before. I am currently using the sacred herb anti-inflammatory lotion, and it is amazing! It actually eliminates the pain, rather than just trying to mask it like most topicals do. All the previous topicals I have tried have deep a cooling effect, almost like Icy hot but less extreme. But this Sacred herb lotion kills the pain, without any Icy hot like feeling, or overwhelming smells. It has a mild lavender smell, and you feel nothing, just pain leaving your body. For me, it offers pain relief for 5-8 hours. This is triple the time of anything else I have tried. This is enough time to fall asleep, or get through a work day, a godsend in a bottle. I am not endorsed or sponsored by anybody, just wanted to share my story so that hopefully others can find similar relief.
    Best regards,
    A.J. Hoover
    Winchester Bay, OR